Negative Self Talk–Just Say No!

What is negative self talk? You know that bowling alley inside your head that crashes out lists you’ll never get done? That voice that reminds you the last thing you wrote is crap and not only crap but the worstest of worse crap ever written, backing with evidence you don’t even use words that are really words? That gnawing feeling that challenges you and says, “You can’t do that. You’ve never been able to do that. Remember the last diet you went on? You remember what happened?”

It’s also that voice that puts you in a fear-based place, a place where your decisions emanate from what you want to avoid instead of what you want to accomplish.

Yeah, about that voice. Let’s just go ahead and crumple it up, like a piece of that crap manuscript, and throw it in the trash. Wait, no. Let’s burn it. In it’s place, let’s list the things you can do, the goals you do reach, the lives you touch, the moments that you make a difference to that friend, that pet, that child. Let’s gather all those goals you have and tell yourself the truth: that you CAN achieve those…if you break them down into bite-size pieces, and take one nibble at a time, you can achieve anything.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.” Oh, Henry. You were so wise.

So when you hear that voice, that voice that says, “Now look what you did” here’s what I want you to say: “You know, you’re right. I’m amazing. And I have a unique and important place in this world that only I can fill. I’m going to break that down and get to it, one bite at a time.”

Go change the world.

About @jamieweil

I'm on an adventure to bring happiness, relaxation, and some shine to a stressed out world. You might call it a Divine mission. Covid Season 2020 has taught me some important lessons about myself and about you, but most importantly about US. I have written about those in a book called Shine: When Chasing Sacred Spaces Goes Dark which came out December 2020 and hit #1 Bestseller in 7 categories out of the gate thanks to my readers. Here, we begin a new adventure with Kai, our 103 pound lab, at the center: The Kai-nection. Dogs are the equalizers of all. (Home base:
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