Meat-tasting meatless recipe

I’m not a vegetarian, but I play one 50% of the time.

With the number of meaty meatless options that crop up every day, it’s become easier and easier to prepare speedy, plant-based meals that taste delicious.

This one takes about 5 minutes.

Start with green beans. I like the organic brands in bags because I’m lazy about cooking and these are already trimmed, cleaned, and so good. I poke the bag with a fork, nuke for 2.5 minutes, and saute in small amount of olive oil and garlic. While those are cooking, I chop tomatoes and mushrooms (or whatever is in the keeper) and get out meatless meatballs. I add mushrooms and shallot-pepper (or whatever spices you like), sautee for a minute, then throw in meatballs. They heat up in about 2 minutes. Tomatoes are last in and just in for a few minutes so they don’t get too mushy.

There are so many variations on this. Use any veggies you want that are in season. Just stay on the green side and out of the higher glycemic choices for the core veggie (ie, brocolli, asparagus, brocollini are all good choices). For quick steaming, wrap them in a damp papertowel, and nuke for a few mins. before you saute.

Go ahead. Try a meatless option. You might just become a halfa-vegetarian like me.

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