Rethink Your Drink

Clients often ask if they can drink Diet Coke on the Take Shape for Life plan. As a former Diet Coke-aholic, let me just say this: it would be a really good idea to give that up entirely.

Diet Coke contains Aspartame (known as Nutrasweet). Many people feel Aspartame is the source of many health issues, the most common being headaches, dizziness and moodiness–even cancer.

Its debut on the market was rocky. Here’s how it went. In 1975, Aspartame was in the FDA pipeline for approval. Concerned researchers protested based on studies, and market release was put on hold. Aspartame was  studied for the following 5 years by a committee to investigate whether or not it was safe. (Dr. Vernon Young is the only member alive from that Public Board of Inquiry.)  The Board advised a need for future study and the current FDA Commissioner agreed.

However, there was a change in head of the FDA and the new Commissioner approved Aspartame quickly after election amidst much controversy.  It became an issue of money  and a public increasingly craving sweetness. Various senators received campaign contributions in exchange for their approval. Politics, rather than safety, appear to be the red carpet Aspartame walked on to get into our current numerous products like drinks, gums, cookies, baby vitamins–you name it.

Now I’m not really one for conspiracy theory, but here’s what I know. Multiple fast food places promote jumbo large Diet Cokes for $.99, and a small drink for 1.89–twice as much drink for nearly half the price. They run these specials intermittently and shift back without notice, usually after about 40 days. By this time, they have hooked people on the drinks. At least that’s what happened to me.

Then there were the number of military people in the Middle East who set their Diet Cokes out in the sun and then started having children with missing limbs in disproportionate amounts. That’s the one that got me to rethink my drink.

Here’s the thing. Is it really worth the risk? There’s no nutritional value at all in the stuff. Do your body a favor. Drink water. And not water flavored with Aspartame.

Most complained about symptoms: headaches, dizziness, mood changes

What about Stevia,

The answer? Drink water.

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