Are All Those Cookies Good for Santa?

images (2)Let’s face it. Santa could afford to drop a few and lay off the sugar. Why is it that we treat the reindeer in a healthier way with their carrots then we do with Santa and his cookies here in the US of A? Don’t we care about Santa’s BMI? Are we trying to sabotage his chimney slides?

Probably not. But I do think it’s interesting why our culture likes to love each other with sugar (guilty), develops customs centered around this, and it got me thinking–do they do this everywhere?

And before I go there, our Jewish friends don’t get off so fast. I have been to many Passover, Hanukkah, and Rosh Hashanah celebrations that could have fed a small country in desserts alone. There’s nothing like a good Matzo Ball soup to say “I love you.” (Not that I’m complaining, Aunt Ruthy. Your food is simply other-worldly!)

But back to Kris Kringle since it’s sort of his day. Do any countries leave out hummus and veggies for the fat guy in the red suit?

And where does Mrs. Claus stand in all this? I did a radio show last week where the host asked me if I had seen situations where one mate had met another while they were heavy, and then when one partner dropped the weight, the other became threatened and the relationship unraveled. Would it be Claus vs. Claus in the wake of a leaner Santa? I’ve the Mrs. saying, “Eat! Eat! The world can’t have a skinny Santa” right there on the television.

Interesting cultural snapshot. Not sure what it all means.

A quick Google search says Santa eats porridge in Sweden and some countries, nato and rice in Japan, and Tandoori chicken in India, and one person in the US who cares about Santa’s health likes to leave an additional multivitamin and cholesterol pill with the milk and cookies. That’s thoughtful. (Very unofficial statistics.)

I’d love some Santa  feedback from you. What does Santa eat in other countries?

Merry Christmas, friends.


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