Aloha, Pioneer Fly!

DSCN0527One of my favorite places in the world is the Big Island of Hawaii. It is a gift that I get to spend my almost 50th birthday here (tomorrow!) with my husband.

We’ve been coming here since our honeymoon 16 years ago. We try and make it every year, carving out time between jam-packed schedules. It’s a time to just hang,  see pretty fish, breathe in the Plumeria, and stalk my favorite Big Island singer, John Keave at the Bamboo in Hawi.

In past years, it’s also been a food-arama. Back in the day, I’ve been known to return from the Big Island brown and round. We knew all our dining places in advance even though the truth is you can usually make same day reservations. Mai Tais, Wine, Starters, Dinner, Dessert and coffee. That’s how we did it.

Last time, we changed all that. Not only did I feel better, we saved a ton of cash, and I did not return brown and round. Win-win-win. We walked nearly every day. We kayaked. We hiked. We did not eat out three times a day and sometimes even not for dinner. We stayed at a condo instead of the hotels which gave us more space, a grill, a large fridge and other perks we loved. We found a nearby market with local produce and ten different kinds of Poke–so amazing! Poke on greens was a perfect night for us.

That’s our new Hawaii. One where we soak up the smells, the ocean, the sand under our toes. One where swimming is more important than chocolate souffles. One where we feel renewed and healthier coming home then we did where we got there.

A number of experiments have been done to show how we stay in our patterns even when we don’t have to. One, using flies, showed that when kept in a jar with a lid on it, the flies–with the exception of a few pioneers–wouldn’t fly away even when the lid was screwed off because they were so used to staying inside.

Be a pioneer fly. Take your unhealthy habits and reshape them so they can support your goals and help you reach your optimum health.


About @jamieweil

I'm on an adventure to bring happiness, relaxation, and some shine to a stressed out world. You might call it a Divine mission. Covid Season 2020 has taught me some important lessons about myself and about you, but most importantly about US. I have written about those in a book called Shine: When Chasing Sacred Spaces Goes Dark, my 6th book which came out December 2020 and hit #1 Bestseller in 7 categories thanks to my readers. I teach an online class to empower empaths through writing and am holding my first writing retreat for empaths under the Full Flower Moon and Lunar Eclipse May 5-7, 2023 in mystical Mt. Shasta, California. We have sold our house, not bought another, and have set out on a synchronistic adventure with Kai, our 103 pound lab, at the center. We call it The Kainnection Adventure. Dogs are the equalizers of all. (Home base:
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8 Responses to Aloha, Pioneer Fly!

  1. K says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!! So exctied for the healthy changes you have made and that you are enjoying life more!!!! Sending lots of hugs your way!


  2. Beth Hull says:

    Isn’t that one of the tips for showing change in a character in your fiction? Plop her down in a place she’s been before, and see how she approaches/experiences it differently. You passed the test, Jamie!


  3. Lois Sepahban says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Big hugs and best wishes on your special day!!

    Lots of love, Lois



  4. Janet says:

    What a great picture of you & Mike! I had to laugh at your “round and brown” reference, remember the Maui Mama suntan oil? Hope you”re having a great time.


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