Can You Want Them Into It?

DSCN5656When I began losing weight quickly, and people asked me what I was doing, I decided I’d become a health coach and bring them along for the ride. Mind you, I was very much in process myself, but I figured, “Hey–share the wealth!” I truly believed I had uncovered the secret (still do!) I had been searching for and got very excited about letting other people in on the story.

This started happening everywhere I went, probably because the weight was  dropping off so quickly. Each time I went to make a deposit at the bank, the bank people would ask, “What the heck are you doing?” until one day, they sequestered me in a room and made me tell my secret.

The next thing I knew, I had an unsuspecting mother in my livingroom. A well-intentioned daughter was worried about her mom and knew she wouldn’t be receptive to a health coach or a plan, so just told her mother they were going for a drive. Then she dropped her at my house intervention-style.

As you might imagine, that didn’t work. Oh, she did become my client temporarily, but she had not gotten to the same point of frustration with her fat suit that her daughter had.

You have someone you love and you know their weight carries a high price.  You know the extra weight will cost them soon enough. In meds, in quality of life, in confidence, in life span. What do you do?

You must step cautiously. The best idea is to model for your loved one and be quiet (in the case of kids.) In the case of other adults, you can share information (this blog for example), but don’t make all your conversations/insinuations come back to that topic. Overweight people develop this sixth sense and are highly sensitive to weight commentary, verbal or otherwise. I know because I was there.

With my rapid weight loss on Take Shape for Life, my oldest son came to me and asked me if I’d be his health coach. He had seen me do all kinds of programs and had never shown interest for more than a few weeks. TSFL was different. I think he liked the structure–there were no meetings and he knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Thriving in this framework, he went from 340 to 170, half his size. It wasn’t because I bugged him–it was because he saw me doing it and he knew if I could do it he could do it. He felt empowered.

558602_650774935111_46002031_33198843_1976231456_n[1]It’s hard to watch people we love surround themselves with a fat barrier that could potentially kill them. It’s hard to know what to say or do. Your best strategy is to be your own best healthy self, set goals for yourself and achieve them (talk about that with them) and make sure they know you love them at any size.

And when they’re ready, help them find a health coach like me, somebody who has been down the road and can help them learn to run it! Just make sure you let them in on it.

Check out my story this month in Health Magazine, the “I Did It!” feature. This is my outfit–sans jacket–that New Balance gifted me. Thanks, New Balance. Also, click here to check out my story on ( Thank you, Doni!


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I'm on an adventure to bring happiness, relaxation, and some shine to a stressed out world. You might call it a Divine mission. Covid Season 2020 has taught me some important lessons about myself and about you, but most importantly about US. I have written about those in a book called Shine: When Chasing Sacred Spaces Goes Dark, my 6th book which came out December 2020 and hit #1 Bestseller in 7 categories thanks to my readers. I teach an online class to empower empaths through writing and am holding my first writing retreat for empaths under the Full Flower Moon and Lunar Eclipse May 5-7, 2023 in mystical Mt. Shasta, California. We have sold our house, not bought another, and have set out on a synchronistic adventure with Kai, our 103 pound lab, at the center. We call it The Kainnection Adventure. Dogs are the equalizers of all. (Home base:
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4 Responses to Can You Want Them Into It?

  1. Christy Foreman says:

    Jamie, This article was perfect timing. I am headed out to Washington DC to pick up Paige after her first year in college. She has excelled was on swim team, Dean’s list, and won 1st place and $600 for a short story. As we have discussed since the DRs. have forced her to take birth control pills her weight has been a problem which is concerning for me since I have kept her alive for the last 18 yrs. I know she is uncomfortable with the huge weight gain and confidence has diminished but as you say she is notthere herself to take on the challenge of losing the weight. Her disease is muscular degenerative so I worry about her heart. She is coming home for the summer so I will keep my mouth shut and Pancho and i will lead by example and see what happens. Great post! Your Cuz, Christy

    >________________________________ >From: jamieweilhealthcoach >To: >Sent: Monday, May 6, 2013 3:00 AM >Subject: [New post] Can You Want Them Into It? > >jamieweilhealthcoach posted: “When I began losing weight quickly, and people asked me what I was doing, I decided I’d become a health coach and bring them along for the ride. Mind you, I was very much in process myself, but I figured, “Hey–share the wealth!” I truly believed I had un” >


    • jamieweilhealthcoach says:

      She’s got swimming in her blood! Congrats to Paige for such a strong freshman year. A paid published writer–sweet! So proud of her. Give her a Jamie hug! She’s a smarty pants so she’ll figure out on her weight and she knows where to find me. Keep up to the good work, Mom and Dad, and I hope to see you all (plus the boy!) some time soon. Much Love, Cuz!


  2. Professions for PEACE says:

    This is such a great article Jamie! Thanks so much for these inspiring tips. And for the awesome role-modelling you do… leading the way. Getting me charged up to get going and get moving! Thanks again. Hugs, Gina


  3. jamieweilhealthcoach says:

    Thanks back at you, Gina! Hugs! Jamie


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