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It’s All in Your Approach

Thankful Week before Thanksgiving, I limp around real strange. Huddle in the corner, As though I have the mange. All the other turkeys, Just gobble, gobble on. I’m silent, and I act As if my gobbler’s gone. Everyone is thankful … Continue reading

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Healthy vs. Unhealthy Media Messages

I’ve been working on this book for young people on media literacy which is a big focus of the Common Core. (If you’ve been hiding in a Tibetan Cave, the Common Core is the latest national attempt at early education in … Continue reading

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The LOVE Campaign

I was sitting with a group of teens at an athletic event recently and noticed how quick they were to say mean things about themselves: “I’m so fat,” “I’m so ugly,” “I’m not good enough”–the list goes on. As adults, … Continue reading

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Be Here Now Like Only You Can

I’m reading a book right now that vascilates between lucid moments of insight and complete obscurity.  The writing is full of 1900-isms, co-influenced by Thomas Troward’s early British education and later years as a judge for 25 years in India. … Continue reading

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