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Choosing Perspective

When I start a novel, I think a lot about point of view before I ever lay finger to keyboard. Should I write the story I want to tell in first person or in third person POV? Each has advantages … Continue reading

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Collaboration, Consensus and Connection

Each child is so unique, so precious. My youngest boy (nearly an adult at this point) is a post-modern leader. He, like Nelson Mandela, leads from behind. He’s all about consensus and the group. He has never been the kid … Continue reading

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Getting off the Red Chair

It’s nice and cozy in the familiar. I like it there. My favorite familiar is my big, overstuffed dark red chair and my laptop in my office.  When I plan my weeks, I’m very careful to squeeze out as much … Continue reading

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The River

We’re all just walking each other home.  Ram Dass …or maybe we’re kayaking…? I had a dream last week about a river. This is how I would describe it to my dream group. The River River winds through a lush … Continue reading

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Seeking Solutions

I had a conversation last week with a consultant who worked in Los Angeles Department of Mental Health for 36 years overseeing children’s mental health services. He’s seen many changes. The most profound, perhaps, is the amount of money available now … Continue reading

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