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Therapy Dog

When we brought Kai home, I knew I wanted him to be a therapy dog. His name means “restoration and recovery” in Japanese, which I didn’t know when we named him that. He’s actually named after Kailua-Kona, an area on the Big … Continue reading

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Wearing Masks

When I was a young single white mother of a biracial child living in Los Angeles, I felt like I needed to introduce my child to other biracial children like him. He would say, “Mommy, I want my hair to … Continue reading

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The Faces of Karma (by request)

When you stand in the forest, and you look around at all the trees, they look like they are individual trees. In reality, they share the same root system and that’s what keeps them so strong. We’re like that, too. … Continue reading

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Movie Me

I’m half through teaching my film class at the Center for Spiritual Living in Redding, California. I’m having the best time and I feel the need to tell you why. I’ve never taught a film class before. I didn’t go … Continue reading

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