Sacred Spaces: The Mt. Shasta Pyramid

pyramidThe pull of the Magic Mountain has been strong these past days. I decided to launch my birthday week with a visit. After all, I look at the opportunity to romp on this playground called Earth a great blessing.

What peaked my interest most recently about the Mountain was the Mt. Shasta Pyramid. I had recently had a friend who had meditated there during a retreat and when she talked about it, her eyes lit up in a way that made me want to go be in the space. I did some research, talked to the builder of the pyramid (Omaran), and planned a day to see for myself what my friend was having a hard time articulating with words, but had described so well with her eyes.

I knew the space was sacred and had been built as such. I wanted to honor that. No jewelry, metal, make up–not even an underwire bra. I decided a trip to Stewart’s Mineral Hot Springs, also a sacred space just past Mt. Shasta, was just the place to ritually prepare.

If you haven’t had the unique pleasure of visiting this bath house, Stewart’s is sort of a 60s hippy meets 2016 Whole Foods hipster meets Lemurian kind of place. Here’s a typical car you may see after passing over the one-lane wooden bridge which spans the roaring (never seen it so full) Parks Creek. The only thing askew? It’s not a Prius.hippy

Inside the bathhouse, you follow a bathing, sauna, cold creek dip cycle (unless the creek is closed due to flooding which it was. In this case, you use the indoor or outdoor shower.) The bathing water is magic and smells a bit like rotten eggs. It makes your skin extremely soft but you are not to rub it or bad things happen–rashes, abrasions, etc. The Natives believed the water cured everything. I find it detoxifying, renewing, and centering. I’ve grown used to the smell after repeated visits.

creekangelThis is not the place you expect to run into your mother’s quarterly lunching lady friend (as it’s clothing optional). Alas, I did. She offered me chicken caesar salad, sandwiches, and champagne, but keeping myself on a clean path to the pyramid, I declined.

As I drove the winding, wooded road along Parks Creek to the Mountain where the Pyramid lives, I felt overblown with gratitude. The blue sky with puffs of white fluff cast shifting shadows on the forest of extra-green pines.lightandshadows

Spring wildflowers popped everywhere thanks to recent rains. The swollen creeks and Shasta Lake (which I had crossed to come) were more full than I could remember seeing them, a blessing in drought ridden California. The clouds dipped down, covering the tips of Black Butte which made it appear larger than normal. With Mt. Shasta completely shrouded (as she gets) in her winter clouds, it was Baby Butte’s day to shine. Castle Crag, enormous granite rock towers, disappeared into the misty clouds and left a searing image of beauty on my brain. Gaia, herself, was doling out gifts left and right.buddha

When I arrived at the sanctuary where the Pyramid lives, I giggled to myself with excitement. I could feel this space was special. The lover of new experiences, I felt the explorer in me ready to explore. I had read about the Pyramid and meditated about the space. In my mind, it was down inside the mountain and I had to pass through a trapdoor into complete darkness. (As you can see, it actually sits above ground.) I crave complete dark stillness and uninterrupted time to connect with Source and recharge my batteries. I could hardly wait to leave the clear skies and disappear into the stillness.

Omaran greeted me and invited me into the home he shares with partner and self-described twin flame, Antera. Twin flame is defined by Arianni Masters as two people in two separate bodies that share the same Soul. (Antera has written a book by this same name and I will do a separate blog on that when I finish the book because I find the concept interesting.)

Inside, we talked about the Pyramid.  You can see it above covered in snow. Here’s a description from the website:

The Mt Shasta Pyramid has a 24 x 24 foot base, and stands over 15 feet tall. It has no windows or doors, so to enter you walk down a sloping tunnel, up some steps, and in through a trap door. It has a copper and quartz crystal capstone. The construction is wood frame, with a special layering process of conductors and insulators, to maximize energy storage. The outside is stucco. No ferrous materials (conductive metals) were used in the construction. We finished it so it would function in time for the 9-9-9 event.

As we discussed the Pyramid, Omaran explained that he had constructed the Pyramid as a mirror image of the great pyramid in Giza in that it is aligned with the polar star and is the same angle from the horizon. The Giza Pyramid is a mirror image of one of the building blocks of the Universe, which is a pyramid shape with the same angles. Omaran explained that this creates sacred space, and as long as it is kept as pure as possible, it can be considered a perfect space. When anyone enters into this space, a healing process begins in all four bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. That happens just by entering, without the person doing anything. I’m not exactly up on my sacred geometry, but I’m here to tell you, sitting in the space for an hour I totally get it.

As we headed towards the Pyramid, a light rain fell and I was giddy with anticipation. We walked in through a door with a window in it and into an area where we took off our shoes and greeted the Guardian of the Pyramid, Ra-ke-Da, and Isis, to whom the Pyramid is dedicated. We walked down a slope with rope lights on the wall to a ladder which we climbed up and through a trapdoor on the top. It reminded me of walking down into a wine cave or cellar when we go tour wineries in different regions. As you enter up the ladder and in the space, it is pitch black. You can feel carpet beneath your feet and Omaran kindly describes the lay of the land.

In the center of the area is a round rainbow rug and a chair with a foot cushion. Omaran helped me to the chair, told me I would want to spend the bulk of my time in this space. He said he would hit a gong in an hour, and come get me 5 minutes after that. He showed me how to get out if I needed to and disappeared down the ladder.

As my eyes acclimated, I could see pillows, blankets, a futon, chairs and a tiny skylight at the top of the Pyramid. I could hear raindrops pitter patter on the Pyramid walls as a light steady rain fell. I positioned myself under the small skylight on the cushion, using the chair as my back rest and covered myself with comforters. I felt like I was sitting on an angel’s lap.

Let me just say I now understand why my friend was having a hard time articulating. This meditation space is extremely powerful in a very unique way. It’s hard to put it into words. I could literally feel my chakras throbbing sitting inside.

Omaran had mentioned there are things you can do if you choose that come with a great power boost. For example, if you chant your intentions out loud, they will be multiplied hundreds of times. Your focus can simply be to recharge your batteries on all levels and connect with Source. Just sitting in the silence I experienced the feel of all the people who had sat where I was sitting underneath the tiny dome on the rainbow rug. Incredible.

At one point, I got up to try out the different spaces in the Pyramid. While all had a different feel, I agreed with Omaran. The center was the most powerful and I loved being there so much.

Still, the energy in the Pyramid is not good for everybody and Omaran pays particular attention to this. Think about it. If your intentions are amped up hundreds of times, and you struggle with negative thoughts, you’ve now got negative thoughts on crack flooding your brain. Not good. As Omaran puts it, this is a space for long time serious meditators who have learned to control their thoughts. Omaran vets people before they go into the Pyramid for this reason, and not everyone goes in. He doesn’t advertise, but rather lets the Pyramid draw to it those who will benefit from it. You can check out the website here: The site gives prices and a number to call Omaran for appointments and for questions about the Pyramid. He is a very kind guide through the process of understanding what this experience is all about.

An hour passed in a minute it seemed. I heard the gong, cleaned up my space, and Omaran appeared in the trap doorway. I bowed to the space and promised to return. As I stepped down the ladder and to the bottom of the slope, I looked out the window at the end of the ramp. I think I may have jumped up and down.

“It’s SNOWING!” I said this as if it was the first time I saw snow. The flakes were huge and seemed to be dancing in front of the window. Such a gift!

We walked out in it. The first flakes stuck to the tall evergreen family to the right of the Pyramid. Stunning. Peaceful. Magical.treefam

Omaran and I stepped back in the room where we started and chatted. Antera came down and I met her, too. As I was reading their backstory, I felt like I knew them both–like we were old friends. Mostly, I marveled at the sanctuary they had created here together and how Omaran had built the Pyramid with such care and vision.

I think back to it often, my time in that sacred space. I can hardly wait to return.



Mt. Shasta Pyramid,

call 530-710-3935 or email.
By appointment only!

One person/hour $55
Additional people $10/hour
(e.g. 2 people $65/hr, 3 people $75/hr)
Discount for Mt Shasta residents
Bigger groups: ask us for prices

Vision Quests:
Quest (8 hours): $250
Serious Quest (24 hours): $450

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