Twin Flames

twinflamesWhen I met Omaran as part of my venture up to the Mt. Shasta Pyramid, I had only tangential familiarity with the term “twin flames.” I thought it had something to do with the ideal partner that one spends a lifetime to find and, when the two show up, bliss ensues. In Twin Flames, a book written by Antera about her relationship with Omaran, we have a story that doesn’t exactly unfold in this way.

Here is the description in their own words:

Twin Flames: A True Story of Soul Reunion describes the intense experiences Antera and Omaran went through as they met, drew on Spirit to overcome obstacles to their getting together, then were challenged to heal all unresolved pain in their past so they could move forward with their spiritual service. An amazing, inspiring story of True Love and faith for lightworkers. 

The story of Antera and Omaran began at a meditation retreat they both attended many years ago. While doing a meditation exercise together, something happened, and there was a realization that they had been together in another lifetime. Alas, many lifetimes. They met several times after as they ran in a similar circle of soul seekers in the Marin area of California. They both realized there was an intense connection. The only problem was Antera was married to somebody else. Happily. Both, however, were aware of the idea of the idea of twin flames, and felt pretty sure they were each other’s.

Beyond Antera and Omaran’s story specifically, this story unravels the complicated nature of the twin flame relationship. My friend, Devon, who studies everything about twin flames she can get her hands on, explained the concept like this:

The main thing about twin flames is a path of healing and unconditional love. It’s one soul split in two to have individual experiences separate from each other. Many lifetimes are spent together and apart, hence all the healing. Twin flames usually don’t meet unless they have done enough healing work on their own. They are mirrors of each other, seeing their wholeness, absolute best in each other–but sometimes that’s a lot for the ego to handle when it is so set on not feeling good enough or want relationships in the 3D to be needed. Twin flames thrive when both twins understand this and act from true self love unconditionally. Then, with enough healing, clearing, and self love they learn how to unconditionally love one another and experience reunion…a complete soul merge raising the vibration of the planet. 

As Antera and Omaran’s story emerges, this reunion shows the many ups and downs that accompanies this complicated relationship. As Omaran put it, his emotional body had not been addressed prior to the reunion.  While Antera delves into the results of that roller coaster in the plot of Twin Flames, I found myself playing counselor in the background, cheering on the couple whose main goal was clearly to complete their spiritual work on the planet together. I thought about how many couples are really just about themselves and their brood. The idea that a couple holds a focus to raising the planet’s vibration feels like important love to me and one that we need.

Twin Flames is a love story, but not the sappy sort of fairy tale princess story they make into a pop film starring Channing Tatem. It’s the kind of love story that happens for a larger reason than the romantic satisfaction of the two participants. I know this because I know the sequel. The details in the book draw the reader into an understanding of the twin flame ceremony, the complex feelings of all parties involved (including Antera’s ex-husband, Michael, whom she and Omaran had a mountaintop meeting with during the height of things to debrief everyone’s feelings), how it almost went bust in the first months, and the present day missions some 20 years later.

Today, the Twin Flame couple lives on a beautiful piece of land with a full gaze of  magical Mt. Shasta. Omaran, a construction worker, built an amazing pyramid on the sacred space with the intention of evolving humanity through the great seekers that come to meditate there. They hold courses, both live and online, all holding focus to make the world a better place than when they got here.  Their story, as it continues to unfold, is one in which you feel such growth you can not help but to grow with it.

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