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High Tides, Low Tides

Stroke, prostate cancer, and a new way to be in the world. That’s 2022. Continue reading

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Tap Your Way Happy

Part of today’s offering is a rehash of an earlier blog. It’s timely because we’re in a space right now (think economy, politics, Saturn, SATs/ACTs–okay, maybe the last one just applies to our house) where our control is limited. In … Continue reading

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Yoga as a Pathway to Recovery

Recovery wears many robes. It can be recovery from addictions. The twelve-step programs have really coined the term in that way. It can be recovery from mental illness. The mental health movement uses it in this way. Or it can mean … Continue reading

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The Vagina Dialogues: Testing the Waters and Beyond

I’ve been putting this off for several reasons. Let’s face it. The vagina is something we whisper about with friends we know well, right? But as this blog spot does have a health bend, it would be unfair to keep this from … Continue reading

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Collaging Your Soul, Part 2

Now I know.  Soul Collage© finds its true magic in the experience. Having this experience at Esalen Institute made it that much more magical. Sharing it with my friend longtime friend Michelle closed the circle of perfection. First, you should … Continue reading

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Bypass the Bypass

My youngest son is at that age where he’s recently graduated from the pediatrician and has begun going to the family doctor. Conversations have switched, accordingly, from team sports to “sex, drugs, and rock and roll talks,” as the doctor … Continue reading

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I think of things I’m thankful for every day. This week I share them with you–the little, the big, the in-between. Here’s the tip of my random list of gratitude which grows longer each day. I am thankful for… 1. … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Sex

When I think of health, I think of whole health. What makes us healthy beings stretches far beyond nutrition and exercise and down to the depths of all the parts that keep us in balance. Recently, I’ve been pondering how … Continue reading

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Can Happiness be Learned?

At a party recently, I was observing teens from around the world. I know that teens are not really the group we would point to as supremely happy, but one young man in particular stood out as particularly upbeat. I … Continue reading

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Finishing Line Gorilla: The Walk, Part 2

Doesn’t he just make you smile, this one? This is the Finishing Line Gorilla which I was really happy to see after going 42 miles in two days, which was really supposed to be 39 miles, except I kind of … Continue reading

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