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Choice Points and Esalen: I Choose B-Infinity

Each time a cycle comes to an end, it opens an opportunity called a choice point…                   Greg Braden We have a choice between the power of love and the love of … Continue reading

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The Space Between Stories

We will abide for a time in the space between stories. … Charles Eisenstein, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible Lissa Rankin is one of my spiritual mentors, but I have yet to meet her in person. (I … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview: I’m Going to Make the Movie “Thrive!”

I’m smack dab in the middle of a project that has got my creative juices gushing. I know the signs. Right now, I sit at my laptop with 8 screens open alternating between a business plan, notes, my project journal, … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Sex

When I think of health, I think of whole health. What makes us healthy beings stretches far beyond nutrition and exercise and down to the depths of all the parts that keep us in balance. Recently, I’ve been pondering how … Continue reading

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Vaccinate with a Shot of Community

Stamatis Moraitis, a Greek war veteran, came to the US in 1943 to seek treatment for a war injury. He ended up staying and got a job as a manual laborer. He married a Greek-American wife and they had 3 … Continue reading

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