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The Oak at Dusk

Nature, on an ordinary day, is anything but ordinary. It mesmerizes me, when I stop long enough to breathe it in. Last night was one of those moments. I headed out to the hot tub around 5:00 and watched day … Continue reading

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E Pluribus Unum

We spent Saturday on Whiskeytown Lake, one of the many gems of California North. Whiskeytown’s beautiful sapphire-blue waters provide miles of fun for frolickers, human and animal alike. Waterfowl gather in coves along the green-shrubbed shoreline and race boats across … Continue reading

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Seventy Salads Long

I’m reading “Nature” which is one of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essays, originally published anonymously. They talked funny back in the 1800s so I don’t understand it all (despite having studied him at length during my undergrad years as an English … Continue reading

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Nature: the Best Medicine

Nature. There was a time when it meant bugs and dirt, neither of which was appealing. This was true for both me and my oldest son who is jumping in this picture because he’s playing, not because he’s trying to … Continue reading

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The Golden Key

I love Take Shape for Life because it helps my clients with their emotional eating. Many programs play into that. But TSFL really takes the obsessing out of figuring out what you’re going to eat, and takes people out of … Continue reading

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