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Yoga as a Pathway to Recovery

Recovery wears many robes. It can be recovery from addictions. The twelve-step programs have really coined the termĀ in that way. It can be recovery from mental illness. The mental health movement uses it in this way. Or it can mean … Continue reading

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Cyntergy: Love it!

I love finding new exercise classes that rock my world. Thanks to a tip from my son’s 14 year old buddy, I’ve found Cyntergy. (Hey, G, if you’re reading this, thanks–both for reading, because that’s a good thing, and for … Continue reading

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Balance – A Key to Health

The photo on the left means so much to me. These are my oldest son’s feet many years ago when he first came home from his freshman year at college. He realized the key to his success was balance and … Continue reading

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Hot Yoga!

“Our bodies crave motion,” said Adrianne, our yoga master at Hot Yoga in Sedona, Arizona. “Be here now. Not in the past, not in the future.” Good advice. He who does not heed, will slip in his sweat, and crumple … Continue reading

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