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It’s All in Your Approach

Thankful Week before Thanksgiving, I limp around real strange. Huddle in the corner, As though I have the mange. All the other turkeys, Just gobble, gobble on. I’m silent, and I act As if my gobbler’s gone. Everyone is thankful … Continue reading

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I think of things I’m thankful for every day. This week I share them with you–the little, the big, the in-between. Here’s the tip of my random list of gratitude which grows longer each day. I am thankful for… 1. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving minus one

Look! It’s back! Veggie turkey. Oh, come on. Isn’t he just the cutest thing ever? It’s like pulling your pumpkin decorations out of the attic. He only gets to come out once a year. And… You never know. Maybe you … Continue reading

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Spoiler alert: food porn

Confession: I didn’t become a health coach because I wanted to be perfect. I became a health coach because I wanted to get healthy, stay healthy, and help others do both those things. And I think it’s healthy, when presented with something … Continue reading

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